Website Analysis Tools

Website Analysis Resources are useful to see how well your website has been built, good web developers need to take many areas into consideration to ensure that your site is easy to use for anyone.  

We have included links to some useful tools at the end of this page to help you analyse your website and see how well it has been developed they only take a minute or two to analyse your site and will give you some excellent feedback to take back to your developers or show you why you should change to a team who actually know what they are doing.  

Poorly programmed websites result in:

  • Low rankings on the search engines - Google hates sites which don't use title tags, alt tags or feature broken links and code which is not compliant with the latest standards
  • Visitors to your site who cannot use it or see links properly - people with less common browsers which may show broken images or in some cases buttons and links which don't work at all
  • Poor conversion of visitors to sales, valid and compliant websites HELP visitors to use them through use of titles, links with tags showing what will happen when they are clicked and websites which work the way they are expected

Run some of the testing tools which follow on your site (or any of ours) to see how compliant they are, most sites will have one or two comments such as the use of javascript etc.  Poor sites can have 10-50 errors on a page,

Ask us for a free consultation on your site if these tools have shown any issues or problems with the way your site is designed.

T1specialise in improving website useability, accessibility and compliance to ensure you get the maximum leads and sales from your professionally designed sites.

Standards compliant sites "out of the box" with all T1CMS based sites

The T1CMS tool which all our websites are built with includes multiple features to make it easy to add "alt or title" tags to every image and link, and to ensure maximum accessibility and compliance with standards, not just a content management system but one designed to be search engine friendly and use the best programming practice available.

T1 developers are also fully trained to test websites for browser compatability, good coding practice, link checking etc. before we will permit a site to go live.

All good developers will have a rigorous testing program, without this you will lose clients, visitors to your site will get frustrated and you will be presenting your company in a bad light to anyone who sees your site.....

What defines good website design 

  • Your site needs to work with most browsers (firefox, safari, internet explorer, chrome etc.):
  • Must be accessible it is to those with disabilities (alt tags -the little popups that tell you what an image is, or what to expect when you click a button are essential for blind people and for normal visitors to your site so they know what your links do, plus the search engines will increase your chances of being on the front page if you use these correctly
  • Pages with links that are broken or which don't have "alt tags" guides to what happens when a link is clicked make it harder for visitors
  • Using the "title tags - h1-h6" make it easier for search engines and users to work out the importance of paragraphs on a site.
  • Javascript and Flash are key technologies used by many websites today, and the benefits to increased sales by use of this technology are undeniable, however it is important to be aware of when it is used, and that a small minority of people may have problems with it.  However most websites today use this and it is considered an essential tool to make websites visually appealing and increase the chance of a sale
  • Websites written with the latest in XHTML compliant code which has been validated to ensure it works properly

Useful tools to test your website

Note: some issues will be highlighted with the wave tool but this may not necessarily mean a problem, discuss with your developer WHY some issues are highlighted,  however a normal rule of thumb is that a well designed site should have less than three issues on a page and items such as use of javascript don't mean bad programming practice. 

WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. It is used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. Rather than providing a complex technical report, WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page.

W3 website link checker checks to see if there are any broken links on the website i.e. if someone clicks a button or link it goes to an error page, this is very annoying for visitors to your website and will also result in lowered search engine rankings.