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99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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30-day Money Back Guarantee
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Inspired Speaking
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Business Coach
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T1 Pump really know their stuff and are often asked to present web marketing seminars, now we want to teach you how to build websites that perform!
T1's marketing of corporate packages has sold  millions of dollars worth of tickets to A1GP, rugby world cup, Rolling Stones concerts & Fashion week, as well as helping small businesses boost all new sales by over 30% with little initial outlay.  

T1 have extensive hosting and web development experience for leading companies including Belgian beer cafes, Airlines, Business Coaches, Cheerleaders, and many small businesses,
Drop us a line, we would be happy to provide references and case studies of how we have helped our clients or give you a free 30 minute consultancy.

Check out what some of our clients say about T1:

"customer service was excellent"

"excellent product"

"amazing value"

"massive growth in sales"

"the dream team for websites"

"over $100,000 in sales from online advertising"

T1 has been amazingly helpful and effective in getting my website developed. Their personal service puts me at ease and they have explained clearly the ways and means of getting my artwork out into the world through the internet.

They go the extra mile to listen to your needs. I highly recommend them.

Grant Whibley (artist) -

"The customer service was excellent. The team is very easy to get hold of and answer all questions in a way that is easy to understand for anyone

Everyone was really helpful and patient and always looking for ways to improve the process.

I loved your accessibility and immediate help"

Christiane Hille (


" was transferred from Joomla to the T1Pump CMS system instead.

New website set up was very efficient! Joomla hosting, maintenance and updates were very difficult to maintain.
T1 has helped improve the look of the website and made my life much easier with updating products and pricing

Excellent product, I would recommend it to other Kelly was also very efficient and friendly. Andrew completed the website for me. Again, he was very friendly, easy to communicate with and very efficient in completing any requests i had."

Lisa Nguyen (


T1 have given my clients amazing value for their hosting,
turning an expense into a way to actively generate leads and sales.

They respond quickly day or night and most importantly gave us some amazing advice and the tools to increase visitors to their sites.

I recommend the T1 system to all my clients,
it's easy to use and makes them money!

Warwick Beauchamp - Business Coach


"I run an Italian restaurant called Andrea on Mission Bay, we added a new Do Your Own Dinner (DYOD) event last year, our main advertising is via Google with T1's help we now earn 20% of our TOTAL restaurant revenue from the DYOD courses, and the bulk of these sales are generated by our online marketing.
Thanks to T1's advertising strategy we now have an exciting new business opportunity and massive growth in sales for the Do Your Own Dinner of over 300% p.a. I think every business owner should get T1 to help with their online marketing and see the response you get."

Andrea Bizzarri (


Testimonial from Aotearoa Abroad

Kia Ora Damien, Andrew, and the T1 Team:

It's difficult to put down in words how grateful we are here at Aotearoa Abroad Immigration Consultants, for the work and continued support you have given us.

We worked to put together a new website last year (2009) which was a feat in itself, being that the liaison covered five different countries at times and all of the time zones to go with it! The end product though was brilliant and the increase in customer enquiries has doubled.

Recently, due to unforeseen circumstances (and no fault of T1), we found it necessary to 'Dial 111 T1' for help. Within a couple of phone calls and less than 24hrs later, we were fully operational once again. New domain name, website and emails all copied across. Legend!

T1 is the Dream Team for websites

Marion Chase-Seymour - Managing partner - Aotearoa Abroad


Thanks for the effort you and the team at T1 have put into this.

We have obviously benefited to a massive degree from the work you have put in to our website

- Over $100,000 in sales from online advertising and the webdesign makeover, thanks T1