privacy policy

T1 Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is here to provide you with knowledge of how information you provide us with will be used. Outlined are also situations where your information may be disclosed to a third party, and the security measures utilized by T1 to protect your personal information.

Use of Information
T1 collects and stores the personal information you give us in order to maintain contact, provide services & support, and bill you for services purchased. This information generally consists of your name, address, phone number & other contact details.

T1 makes limited use of cookies on our sites and other dashboard services. They are used to retain login information for you, and not used to track individual online behaviour by us. Cookies do however catch your IP address to help us prevent fraud and keep your services, settings, and personal information safe. Cookies can be disabled by you in your web browser options; however, this may cause you to have trouble logging in to your service panels.
Domain name records

When registering domain names, ICANN requires that each of its registrars must make available the personal information we collect from you when you apply to register any generic top level domain names (ie., com, net, org, biz, info and name) to the public on a publicly accessible database known as the WHOIS database. In addition, it applies to some of the country code top level domains. For example, in New Zealand the personal information you supply to us in applying for a domain name registration for a .nz domain name, must be made public on the publicly accessible database run by the .nz registry.

Information Disclosure 

T1 will not sell, rent, lease or distribute any information given to us to any party other than those necessary to provide our services (e.g.: domain registrars). Information will be made available to government agencies if ordered by a court of law.

Information T1 collects is kept secure on encrypted, password protected billing and CRM systems.