What are some good FTP software/programs?

FTP Software

Links to free FTP software:

War FTP Freeware
WS FTP LE (free for non-profit organizations)

Tips to increase visitors to your website

Websites that boost sales and visitors require management:
1. What is your actual goal with the site , write it down and measure results against this. 

2. Are you looking at the visitor numbers and statistics and reviewing them regularly or asking your consultant to meet with you regularly to discuss the stats if you dont have time to review them yourself.

3. A good site should have regular updates and someone (or more than one) on their team who is actually assigned responsibility for all areas of the site and its results.  Even if its a one man band this means actually assigning some time each month to look at the wording on the site and discuss it or change it.   

Ignoring these  is like running a shop where you never look at the customers who walk past in the street or walk in the door, never knowing which stands or products they look at and not changing the window display ever.   You would never run a shop like this, and a website is no different, know your visitors, where they go and give them something fresh to look at or as a reason to return then analyse how the changes impact the sales and your site will be successful if not immediately then definitely at some point.

No one gets a website perfect on launch and it is a process of testing changes and measuring responses to get good results from a site and its marketing.   If you have little time then ask T1 for an ongoing marketing consultancy with their technicians doing the actual work, or advising your team on what is needed.  You need to do this or assign someone to be trained to do so.

Not considering and answering the above questions will result in a site that wont live up to its potential.  T1 wants you to manage a site which gets more visitors and sales, what we have built you is only a starting point, without proper follow up and marketing the results from your site will be poor.

How will redesigning existing sites effect your search rankings

Search engine rankings importance
Most new visitors find websites by searching for your product or service in a search engines, if you dont come up in a search engine then without a visitor knowing the exact address of your site then it is unlikely they will ever find you. 

Search engine ranking means which page/position your site shows in results for a specific search on a search engine e.g. the third page for a search for the product "melbourne cafes"

If an existing website is already getting visits, and has good rankings on the search engines (or a lot of people have stored specific inside pages in their favourites/bookmarks) then it is VERY important to correctly redirect traffic from every page of the old site to threlevant pages on the new site.

Why ranks will drop with a poorly planned redesign

Ranks will drop as will visitors if the address of these pages has changed e.g. t1.co.nz/aboutus might be renamed t1.co.nz/profile on the new site, without redirects anyone going to the original page will go to a dead link. Although Google will find the new page once it revisits the site, many people will still have the old one bookmarked and some search engines may not update pages for weeks or even months to the new ones so those visitors following search results or stored bookmarks will not find the site.

How to ensure ranks remain the same:

1. to correctly redirect old pages to new pages OR keep the names of pages in the new site the same as those in the old site

2. To consider the impact that different wording and design will have on those ranks, as (assuming redirects or page names are setup  correctly) the previous ranks largest determinant is the actual wording and construction of the original site,so the new site should reflect these or improve on the search targeted wording and layout elements

A good developer will be able to firstly analyse which phrases were getting ranks from which pages, and which factors were contributing to those ranks, and can then ensure that the new design improves the ranks rather than lowering the ranks, keeping page name changes to a minimum if it is likely to lower ranks can also help IF that page is already getting top ranks.

 To consider SEO and website marketing properly though you need to look at targeted keywords, and correct construction of pages, and understand which factors will impact your page the most and understand the many factors which influence search engine rankings. 

ALL T1 clients using the T1CMS (content management system) have an advantage because the CMS is specifically designed with search engines in mind, breaking out essential search elements to make sure every page is search friendly and the site itself uses search engine readable URLS, sitemaps and other elements looked at by search engines when considering ranks.

Anyone using the T1CMS system will also get free basic training in the correct approach to writing the wording of your webpages to improve search engine rankings, please ask for training in this area or a conversion to the T1CMS system (including the free training) if you want to get the best results on search engines.

Professional marketing packages available
If you need help at a higher level T1 can provide full Web marketing including a professional managed search optimisation package where we will work with you to optimise your site and analyse the results on the search engines over a three month period ($650), essential for those considering e-commerce or trying to generate maximum visitors and sales from your website.

    * A full critique of your current design/wording and the impacts on search engine ranks
    * suggestions on how to improve ranks on a page by page basis in both content and layout
    * Full analysis of the current and changing search ranks on over 20 phrases you are targetting
    * Analysis of your current web marketing efforts and advice on other techniques to improve visitors to the site such as

-Linking Strategies
-Whether using paid advertising is relevant to you (we can also manage this on your behalf if you want)
-How email newsletters impact sales
-How to add new content to the site for the maximum impact on sales and visitors

Submit a help ticket now to our marketing team to request your FREE initial 30 minute consultation
Free consultation includes the basics of search engine optimisation and an overview of how we would approach your website markeitng if you choose the paid marketing package

How do I increase website traffic to my site?

Just having a web page (http://www.mycompany.co.nz) does not guarantee millions of people all over the world are going to visit your site. The primary means of bringing people to your site will be your paid advertising! Print advertising, small classified ads in the back or magazines targeting your audience, can be very effective!

You should use your web site address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the same places you would put your address or phone number: business cards, stationary, and print advertising. One of the powers of the web page is its ability to compliment your present advertising, i.e. your web site can contain photographs and many pages of material on your company, all you need to do in your print ad is generate enough interest in the reader to visit your site.

Another way is to submit your site to the major search engines. These include Google, Altavista, Search New Zealand, Yahoo. However search engines should not be relied on to generate traffic. If you get some activity generated, that's great, but don't count on it being there. Many companies pay a lot of money to get their site listed in the top twenty listings in search engines, and unless your site is listed in the top twenty for a particular search, you are unlikely to get many website hits. However there are always exceptions, and if your site offers something totally unique, you are sure to get a reasonable number of hits.

META Tags are hidden text placed in the HEAD section of your HTML page that are used by most major search engines to index your site based on your keywords and descriptions. It is very important to use META Tags as well as a good TITLE if you expect to be found in most search engines. Note that META Tags are not the only thing search engines will look at when ranking your sites; also, some search engines will ignore META Tags completely. Most search engines will also index your body text.

Please click the Create META TAGS button below, and fill in the form. You will then need to paste the generated code into your website.