embedding waves into t1cms for live blogging

Want a page you can easily update WITHOUT logging into your T1cms, you can use RSS feeds from any other site such as facebook, OR for REAL TIME updates, and a live chat style service why not embed a WAVE direct into your website.  

This is the latest new product from Google making it easier to communicate on specific topics in a hybrid email/chat style environment, you can sign up for an account using your existing gmail or ask T1 to help you setup a full company. account. www.wave.google.com.  

You can also embed a wave within your website by using the wave embed tool (http://www.google.com/webelements/wave/) to create a script which you paste into your T1CMS editor for a live online chat service.

Wave is totally real-time meaning others viewing it can see AS YOU TYPE any changes, you can even edit past comments, add voting widgets, maps and many more advanced features.  For those wanting more community interaction with their T1CMS this is an ideal tool. 

To post a message into this wave you will need to login with your gmail account